Artefact creates over 600 ads in just a few days

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Artefact (formerly Metapeople in Germany) is one of the largest digital, full-service agencies in Europe.


With offices throughout the mainland and the UK, Artefact combines marketing, consulting and technology all under one roof.




When the German office of Artefact started looking into Bannerwise as a possible solution, it used to avoid doing display campaigns for clients. The cost and time investment in creating good ads in-house just didn't make it profitable enough. Outsourcing to other agencies didn't improve their situation much. Briefing, feedback, and correction rounds killed momentum. Quickly reacting to circumstances or promotions was impossible, let alone being able to experiment through A/B tests and versioning.




Nils Hiltenkamp, team lead PPC at the Germany office, felt that it was time to do something about the status quo. His team was too reliant on other agencies and freelancers. Getting ad creation in-house would make much more sense since it would enable the agency to service their clients directly, with more agility and flexibility. 


The demand for display campaigns was increasing, along with their complexity Most clients were now asking for dynamic campaigns based on product feeds, next to regular re-targeting and branding campaigns. Nils set out to explore tools that would help him and his team create display ads in-house, that would also offer a simple solution for dynamic campaigns.




The Germany team of Artefact consists out of media managers and experts. Despite their extensive experience with display campaigns, none of the team-members had the skill set of a designer, let alone that of a developer. They were mainly used to coordinating campaigns, so the main challenge would be to find a workflow that would easily incorporate the necessary operational work. 


Adding to that, Artefact has some demanding clients. Ulla Popken, for example, is a clothing retailer specializing in Women’s plus size clothing and sells these in more than 320 stores across Europe as well as in the United States. This meant generating ads in bulk.


Solution and result

We set out for a pilot of one month with a limited amount of staff and used Ulla Popken as a test case. It really didn’t take more than a 30 minute demo and a complementary on-boarding call for the team at Artefact to get it. During that first month they created 64 animated HTML5 ad sets. With 10 ads in a set, this amounted to an impressive 640 ads just a few days!


Artefact scales up their ad production


After creating a rectangle with an initial design for their client, Artefact quickly gathered customer feedback. Samantha Mikula, Campaign Manager at Artefact: “The share URL for previews is a good option to optimize the coordination process with your client, without having to download ads.” 

After approval, the team created more sizes using the algorithm that helps put everything in the right place. Then, they duplicated their set again and again, to help them create translation, new variations and tests.  Needless to say, Ulla Popken was quite satisfied with their agency's performance. In fact, it’s why they recommended Artefact our tool. 


The next step Artefact took is creating custom dynamic ads for their clients. “Bannerwise enabled us to set up individual dynamic ads based on the products you want to promote”, Samantha says. After the pilot, Artefact rolled out usage of Bannerwise to the German affiliate and media teams, and heartily recommended us to the rest of the agency group.