Createch Garage scales up business and decreases time spent by 40%

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Digital marketing agency Createch Garage bridges the gap between creative concepts and ad production. They already enabled brands to efficiently roll out digital ads across platforms, they wanted to grow their own business as well.


Createch Garage saved 40% on time and costs. By decreasing time and resources spent, the team is now able to take on even more projects, gaining the ability to scale up globally.

Createch Garage
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About Createch Garage


Createch Garage is a digital marketing agency that makes programmatic advertising smarter and cheaper. Simply by turning ideas into scalable templates. While agencies and brands generally come up with all kinds of jaw-dropping ads, they often lack the knowledge and resources to roll them out across platforms.

To support their clients in creating assets that run seamlessly throughout an online infrastructure, Createch Garage takes over the creative concept and turns it into a workable template. From there on, the production process aims at scaling up, turning a template into numerous versions, meant for a wide variety of advertising networks.


“We want to create assets for our clients that run seamlessly across the digital ecosystem.”


The challenge


Createch Garage felt it was time to grow their business even further. But designing and developing ad sets manually consumed a lot of their resources (both budget and time). This workflow prevented the team from taking on more clients and thus hindered a significant growth in revenue. To upscale their own business, Createch Garage needed to find a solution that supported the production process and decreased spendings drastically.

In search of a solution that could serve their objective, Createch Garage came across a number of Creative Management Platforms (CMPs). While all of them offered the ability to build digital ads, there was always something missing. Most contenders only offered their services directly to advertisers and brands, excluding digital agencies such as Createch Garage. Other CMPs we’re not professional enough, or simply way too expensive. As the team works with small and medium-sized enterprises, both B2B and B2C, pricing and flexibility mattered big time.


The solution


For Createch Garage, the ideal solution enables them to keep full control over their creatives, offers a seamless integration with DSPs, and allows them to efficiently create ad sets with multiple variants. After researching CMPs for a while, Createch’s team learned about Bannerwise. They noticed that our solution supports them in basically every need. So, the team opted for a trial, tested it carefully with one of their clients, and said: “Let’s give it a go!”


The result


Using Bannerwise as a fixed part of their way of work, Createch Garage is able to scale up the ad production process. Before, one batch of ads (containing 1 master ad and 8 versions) approximately took Createch 20 hours to design and develop. Now, the same set takes only 12 hours: an 8 hour or 40% decrease in time spent.

With the increased amount of available time on their hands, the team can take on new projects. By using Bannerwise, Createch Garage is able to work for more clients, increasing their revenue continuously. With a dedicated framework and the right solution at hand, this digital marketing agency is ready to scale up globally. We are happy to support them in this ambition.

“We take over our clients’ digital ad production, make it smarter, cheaper, and more efficient. To help them scale up, we needed a solution that enables us to speed up as well. That’s why we turned to Bannerwise.”