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Roxanne Groenberg is one of the Senior Internet Marketing Consultants at Leadrs. She is responsible for a wide range of activities spanning everything from email-marketing to conversion optimization.


Leadrs is one of the top 15 online marketing agencies in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) with 12 years of experience in display campaigns for a wide range of clients.

20+ employees



Like with most agencies, Leadrs want to spend the resources they have in the best possible, financially viable way. With a demand for around 20 banners a week, a lot of time is lost on unnecessary manual handlings. Time consuming banner production doesn’t only limit the number of clients, but also limits the room for testing and thus improving campaigns. The time consuming workflow that Leadrs are stuck with, forced Leadrs to limit the amount of projects they took on.




In order to become more time efficient, Leadrs have considered finding a software solution to support them in the creation of display ads. As the current projects where all handled by campaign managers and designers with limited technical knowhow, the solution that would be adopted should be easy to use, intivative, and provide the team with more advanced solutions then the tools they were currently using. Adobe Edge and Google Webdesigner are tools that give the user great freedom for creation if he has years of experience required to make full use of them. Furthermore, both solutions are not tailored to create a large volume of ads limiting the amount of client projects Leadrs could take on. This spared the decision to look for a tool to help increase productivity.


The challenge


Since Leadrs is a PPC agency, they have a sizeable amount of talented campaign managers and designers, but lack development resources. Without the technical knowhow of developers, marketers and marketers are dependent on tools with steep learning curves such as Adobe Edge and Google Webdesigner. As Roxanne and her team don't have a background in development, it was crucial that any new solution they adopt would be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Furthermore, client wishes may differ from case to case so it should offer solutions that would allow someone with little or no coding knowledge to create things like professional HTML5 and even dynamic banners. Having this option would allow them to take on more and a wider range of client projects since they are able to complete projects in a much shorter timespan and have the technology to enable them to create a wider range of ads.


The solution


After adopting Bannerwise as a solution to solve the problem of labor-intensive banner creation, Leadrs immediately notice an increase in productivity. “Since using Bannerwise, we are able to save 50% of our production time for static banners alone” Roxanne noted. Furthermore she ads, “The biggest advantage of using Bannerwise is the fact that it’s super easy to create dynamic banners in various formats. And let’s not forget about the possibility to quickly make changes to the whole banner set with one click!”.




Apart from being able to work 50% more efficiently, Roxanne and her team were able to take on and complete 70% more client projects after adopting Bannerwise. When Roxanne was asked if she would recommend the tool she said this; 


“I advise agencies to use Bannerwise because of the extensive capabilities of the tool and the speed and effectiveness of creating banners for different platforms. An additional reason for choosing Bannerwise is the great personal support and rapid responses to our questions. We are always well informed of new possibilities and developments of the tool.”