Efficient ad production for publishers

Harness the power of our self-service ad solution to help you sell ad inventory directly to SMBs, at scale. Significantly reduce involvement of your sales, design and ad ops teams.

What are the benefits?

Digital ad production as it should be: efficient, effective and enjoyable.

Higher yield on ad inventory

Sell directly to SMBs, at scale. Significantly reduce the involvement of your sales, design and ad ops teams by automating the ad production and distribution process.

Tailor-made, white-labeled solution

We deliver a fully customized ad production solution within your own look and feel. Use our API to directly integrate with your current ad-tech stack.

Additional services

We offer dedicated support and design services such as custom template creation, on demand.

Native preview environment

Allow SMBs to preview their digital ads on one of your websites and show ads in the right context, for multiple devices like mobile, tablet, and desktop.

These publishers have added us to their ad tech stack

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“Bannerwise enables us to sell more display campaigns directly to smaller advertisers and therefore drastically increases the yield of ad inventory by making HTML5 ad production accessible and easy for us.”

Kamlesh Badal Progammatic Performance Developer at Telegraaf Media Group

“We were surprised by the ease of use of Bannerwise and by its modern and elegant interface. It was quickly adopted by our graphics team. With Bannerwise we save a lot of time on the creative process but also on the preview/validation process.”

Michael Lemaire Prémédia Manager at Groupe Rossel

“Creating HTML5 banners has never been so fast and easy. Bannerwise made it possible to create all of our clients in-house. This makes it much easier to positively influence the media strategy of our clients and make small adjustments on demand.”

Oscar van Heeswijk Online Marketing Consultant Fingerspitz Online

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