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Digital ad production is a hassle. We get it.

It requires manual and repetitive work, technical know-how and coding skills. Building and publishing ads eats away budget, time and resources. As a result, creatives don't get the attention they deserve and scaling and optimizing becomes nearly impossible. Our aim is to make digital ad production easy, efficient & effective.

Our story - "There must be a better way"

That’s what Joost and Miguel thought when they created banners for display campaigns. Working together in a digital agency, they became increasingly frustrated with the difficulty to create even a single ad set.

It’s a tedious, time consuming and expensive process, and for many companies it still is. Even in the best case, it takes several days to create a single animated HTML5 ad set for a single network.

For Miguel, as developer, there were too many parties involved, too much manual work and tools simply weren’t optimized for banner creations. And for Joost, as marketer, he had to contend with the long turnaround time and high cost that came with banner creation - hurting the overall ROI of his campaigns.

The founders of Bannerwise

So they decided there had to be a better way, and in 2016 Bannerwise was established.

Bannerwise is a creative management platform that enables brands and agencies to effortlessly create high performing, dynamic and on-brand ads -- at scale, across all digital advertising channels, platforms and formats.

With Bannerwise the production time can be reduced by up to 90% as designers and marketers can seamlessly collaborate when making creatives. Developers are not even needed at all anymore.

The result? 100% on-brand, network ready creatives that drive results and can be directly published to your desired ad network.

Today, Bannerwise empowers hundreds of brands and agencies around the world to create on-brand creatives, at scale for any channel.

Milestones about Bannerwise

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