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Studyportals amplifies conversion rates with custom display ads

Studyportals’ performance marketeer was not happy with their RDAs performance. She wanted better-looking ads and more control over display campaigns. By switching to custom ads made with Bannerwise, she increased conversion rates from 2,96% to 11,84% and cut conversion costs to ¼ of what they spent for RDAs.


Avg. conversion rate


Decrease in cpa

Van den Assem doubles ROAS with Dynamic Product Ads

After Van den Assem shifted their marketing focus to digital, increasing their conversion rates proved difficult. When they customized their Dynamic Product Ads with Bannerwise, results suddenly skyrocketed and their ROAS improved by 51%.


Increase ROAS


Avg Conversion Rate

CreaTech Garage optimizes workflow with Bannerwise

Designing and developing ad sets manually proved to be resource-intensive, limiting the number of clients they're able to service. Driven by a desire to grow, they needed a tool that improves the efficiency of their workflow.


Hours saved per ad set


shorter production time

YourFellow expands services with on-brand dynamic remarketing campaigns

With Bannerwise, YourFellow is able to efficiently create dynamic remarketing ads. Driving performance and improving results for their clients.


more returning visitors



NS adopts agile marketing with Bannerwise

Bannerwise helps NS to simplify their digital ad creation process by allowing them to work with reusable templates which are accessible for the entire marketing team anytime, anywhere.

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“The speed with which we can set-up new ads allows us to find significant differences in ad performance that we can use to improve.”

Luuk Kool
Agile teamlid Personal Based Marketing

Brandfield maximizes retargeting performance by using custom dynamic ads

Higher conversion rates, lower CPA. By testing branded dynamic product ads against generic template ads, Brandfield discovered how to pay less for better results.


lower cpa


More conversions

How Leadrs generates more business using Bannerwise

After adopting our creative management platform to solve the bottleneck of digital HTML5 ad production, Leadrs immediately notice an increase in productivity.


more business


more efficience

How OAD saves 80% of their budget and 70% of their time on ad-production

By moving ad production in-house the marketing team of OAD stays in full control while using substantially less resources.

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”The intuitive design of Bannerwise makes the interface user friendly enough for even an intern to create a set of display ads within 10 minutes”

Guido Voorbij
E-commerce manager at OAD

Artefact: Scaling up production in just a few days

After years of avoiding having to do ad creation work for clients, Artefact decided to take the plunge and succeeded.

> 600

ads built for one campaign


Seconds per ad