5 best practices to create dynamic display ads on Google

Marketers across the industry have discovered the power of dynamic display ads. These ads help deliver a more personalized message to an audience by tapping into all kinds of data, such as the weather or a user’s past browsing behavior. Google refers to them as Dynamic Remarketing Ads. No matter the terminology, these ads can help you boost sales.


In this article, we’ll describe 5 best practices for creating Google dynamic display ads to increase performance. From A/B testing to incorporating branding: here are our favorite recommendations.


1. Make sure you have a high-quality product feed


When you run a dynamic campaign on the Google Display Network, a high-quality feed is the foundation of success. A high-quality feed means your products and services are shown correctly to the right people at the right time. You can create and optimize your feed manually or you can use a feed management solution to automate the process. Whatever you decide, always have these three things in mind:


  • Title and description
    Advertising networks can sometimes shorten your titles and cut off words. This might complicate things and cause mistakes. So, when you're naming products on your feed and writing descriptions use an "essential information first" structure. Keep everything short and to the point.
  • Image formatting 
    Use only one image format in your feed to maintain a consistent layout. Using different formats can lead to different quality creatives in one ad set or some creatives with a background and others without one. Mixing formats can break your design.
  • Up to date data feed
    When products are out of stock, exclude them from your feed, so website visitors aren’t disappointed when desired items aren’t available. We recommend updating your feed as often as possible, ideally once a day but no less than once a week.  When you use Bannerwise to build dynamic remarketing ads, you can schedule feed updates so you won't have to manually do it each time.

Dynamic ad optimization and best practice


2. Use dynamic display ads in all stages of the marketing funnel


Google might call them "Dynamic Remarketing Ads" but dynamic display ads are not only beneficial for remarketing. Their biggest benefit is the ability to deliver highly relevant ads which is also crucial for all stages of the marketing funnel. When you build relevant dynamic display ads and serve them to lookalike or affinity audiences, you'll attract new visitors more likely to make a purchase.


You can then use your dynamic remarketing campaigns on this same audience. To level up your retargeting in a post-cookie era, go predictive. Predictive marketing technology lets you re-engage customers based on their propensity to buy and lifetime value. 


In the decision phase, you can navigate them towards conversion with ads that feature specific products and discounts. Dynamic display ads offer you the opportunity to showcase products that your potential customers might find interesting based on their online behavior. 


3. Incorporate branding into your creatives


Marketers often cite the lack of resources for not customizing their dynamic display ads. Designers are unavailable, it would take too long, there is no budget... As a result, they use standard templates offered by advertising networks. This means missing out on the biggest benefit of dynamic display ads: the ability to target with highly personalized content. Don’t waste this potential by serving your audience a generic-looking template that completely lacks branding.

When your dynamic display ads are on-brand and in sync with your landing pages, your audience recognizes your brand and feels at home with the ads. Simply adding the right brand colors, the appropriate font, and on-brand backgrounds will do the trick.


Free templates offered by advertising networks don't have these personalization options but you can still automate making your creatives. A creative management platform like Bannerwise allows you to build templates and quickly scale your dynamic display ads without needing the aforementioned resources. 


Example of dynamic product ads with branding


Why is branding so important when creating dynamic ads?
We’ll explain more here.


4. Refresh your ads frequently


Running the same ads for a long time can decrease the effectiveness of your dynamic ads and result in ad fatigue. With dynamic ads, content needs to be refreshed and updated frequently. Especially when you sell products based on inventory or stock.

That’s why it’s important to frequently check the performance of your ads. Important metrics here are CTR, conversions, and CPA. You can also check frequency and impressions to make sure you don’t overwhelm your audience by showing the same ads over and over. When you notice a decrease in your performance, it’s time to refresh your creatives.


5. Always A/B test your dynamic display ads


The fact that dynamic display ads adjust their content automatically often results in an ‘as long as it works’ kind of attitude. But using another background image or a slight copy change could result in a significantly higher conversion rate. A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to get the most out of your creatives. Dynamic display ads included.


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Dynamic ads are here to stay


According to New Adlucent research, 71% of consumers highly value ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits and prefer a more personalized advertising experience. Whether it's Google's dynamic display or Facebook's dynamic product ads, dynamic will have a big role in the future of online advertising.


That’s why we believe now is the perfect time to start creating dynamic ads, fully customized and based on a high-quality feed. If you'd like to automate your ad creation process and build, scale, and publish your ads on the same platform: book a call with one of our experts and see if Bannerwise is the right solution for you.


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