Why it’s time every marketer starts using a Creative Management Platform

Ask yourself this… Do you want to produce creative and successful digital ads?

Would you appreciate a simplified production process? Do you agree that relevancy is the key to successful display campaigns? Do you strive for consistency across all your advertising channels? Is time something you don’t have an infinite amount of?

‘Yes’ to all the above? Then it’s high time you start using a Creative Management Platform.

The fact is that as a marketer you’d be missing out in a big way if you weren’t implementing the use of a Creative Management Platform (CMP). So, let’s take a look at what exactly a Creative Management Platform is, what features it has, and why you need it.

What is a creative management platform?

In a nutshell, a Creative Management Platform (CMP) is a unique solution that allows marketers to create, publish and update their digital advertising content as simply and as effectively as possible.

Marketing teams around the globe work in tandem with their creative and media counterparts on CMPs. The workflow here is typically that a base creative template is put together based on the companies brand identity. Once that template is implemented into the CMP, the marketing teams for different business units or in different regions can create new versions of the ads, or in different languages, for example.

Every marketer has their own priorities when it comes to display ads, and whether it’s increasing your return on investment (ROI), ensuring brand consistency across multiple platforms, having the ability to change your message in real time, or guaranteeing your digital campaigns are tailor-made and accurately targeted, a CMP will be able to execute all of these actions.

A CMP has a multitude of features; some focused more on what it gives you the room to perform and some more focused on what it directly provides for you.

What can a Creative Management Platform allow me to do?

  • Build creative digital ads quickly and easily

In just a few clicks and even fewer minutes you can have a set of high-quality banner ads up and running, without the need for advanced technical and design skills. And not just banner ads for your display campaigns, but also for other channels like social media.

The beauty of a CMP is that all tools are together in one place; it has an arsenal of the newest technologies for you to produce successful and creative ads without the dizzying complexities and need to utilize different platforms and formats.

As well as a simple building process a CMP offers, as standard, automatic optimizations for text, full control of file-size, and painless image resizing and formatting.

  • Allow you to edit content in real-time

Publishing feels like crossing a crucial finish line but of course it’s far from the end...

A CMP understands this and provides the vital opportunity for you to update and edit your banners once they’re live. You’d be able to make real time, on the spot improvements - whether that’s adding or removing text, tweaking images, or adjusting videos. A first-rate CMP is hosted in the cloud and, as such, amendments will be refreshed across your whole campaign immediately while it’s live and running.

  • Scale your campaigns efficiently

It’s likely that you’re not just creating one banner for one device, on one platform, in one language, for one market so it’s important that a CMP has to make scaling straightforward and speedy.

Logic would suggest that the more banners you build the more intelligent a CMP’s optimization should become. Correct. And with this capability worked into the process you can scale and tailor from one master design by taking advantage of an adjustive algorithm geared to intuitively generate certain common edits (such as image sizing) simultaneously. No need to complete drawn-out, tedious and repetitive alterations. Time = saved. Sanity = preserved.

  • Lets you optimize your ads

At Bannerwise campaign optimization is high on our list of priorities, as it probably is for you too. And CMPs are created to assist you with that.

CMPs give you a look into what exactly is doing the best job at driving the performance of your ads, such as its graphical features (your images, colors, fonts, videos and so on), your CTA, or perhaps the size of the campaign, and then allows you to optimize that.

A CMP can also be used as an optimization tool so A/B testing, Split testing and Multivariate testing is easy to carry out.

For example, when A/B testing you can simultaneously run two alternative ad variations of your campaign (for example a boy using your product and a girl using your product) and analyze their results instantly.

Apply that core method to multivariate testing whereby you can look at more variables than A/B testing (which has just one element changed) with the option to change multiple elements of an ad and then assess their interaction with one another.

As for split testing, this will take place early on in the optimization process in order to test different ad concepts - for example an ad with an image and text against an ad with text alone. Once those are tested in comparison with one another the other two types of tests can be used to optimize further, once you know which concept works best.

This process can be done across all devices, platforms, markets and any other variants. Plus, let’s not forget, all of these optimizations can be performed instantly.

What does a CMP offer?

  • Control over your brand identity

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating your brand. It isn’t always an easy job but it’s incredibly important, and a slight change in the color tone or font can screw up consistency and, let’s face it, branding altogether. Consistency of identity is key. With a CMP like Bannerwise (and the help of a CMP cloud library) your logo, images, custom fonts, and visuals can be easily stored and easily accessible to make sure banners fit your brand guidelines 100% of the time across all areas.

  • Enhance your message with rich media

Want to add some animations to your campaign? Going to feature a video in your ad, or perhaps include slides? Then, with a CMP, the only skill you’ll need to master is dragging and dropping. No seriously, it’s as simple as that. A CMP has rich media built into it so it handles your HTML5 coding and works more like adding a widget, making it far quicker to produce. Scalability in this area is made far easier too as a result.

  • Streamlined collaboration within teams

No man is an island and the design and creation of display advertising campaigns is a collaborative effort between teams in-house and other individuals, and thanks to CMPs being cloud-based it means you can cut out back and forth emailing (with millions of attachments) because it’s all accessible via the cloud instead. Whether the ad needs to be amended by the graphics team, the copywriter or the designer this can all be done instantly and directly.

This ironed-out process grants you complete control and flexibility. It also means that your clients, with access to their own account in the cloud, feel empowered and up to date.

  • Increased ad relevancy with data feeds

Imagine a file that holds a list of your products and all the attributes of those products - such as title, price, images, marketing copy etc. Now imagine in that same file is all the information on the format in which those products must be sent to the ad networks. All of this information is well-structured and neatly organized, and all of this information can be updated in real-time. This is a data feed, and creating one takes up hardly any time.

Having all of this information consolidated in one place promotes consistency across channels and means that distribution across channels can happen quickly. It’s an incredibly streamlined way to participate in multi-channel advertising.

Having an up-to-date and easily accessible file like this can do wonders for increasing the visibility of your product across various channels, therefore more consumers can - and will - be reached.

We know that’s a great deal of information to take in but like any other impressive technology there’s a lot to talk about and a Creative Management Platform is no different.

Bannerwise are here to provide the solution for digital marketers.

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