Happy Socks achieves brand consistency across all channels with dynamic ads

How do you turn something as mundane as socks into a fashion statement; the must-have item of every season?


Happy Socks, a Swedish retailer of socks, underwear, and swimwear, accomplished this by creating a high-quality product with unexpected, fun design and topping it off with branding as unexpected and fun as their socks.

Happy Socks
250+ employees

Whether it’s the colorful socks that make plain outfits interesting, collaborations that leave mouths agape, like David Bowie and Minecraft, or ads that make you chuckle, the brand sets itself apart from competitors with creativity.


With a reach that spans 91 countries over 10.000 fashion boutiques and a big emphasis on e-commerce with 21 localized websites, Happy Socks adorns millions of legs worldwide.


The challenge


While the Happy Socks brand is an explosion of color, creativity, and fun everywhere else - products, websites, packaging - they were still using basic flat lay templates for their dynamic remarketing ads. The fun socks were displayed against a white backdrop, looking similar to ads from any other brand. The distinct branding that sets Happy Socks apart was missing from their ads on social and display.

visual 1 - FB post - desktop

Compared to their old ones, Happy Socks' customized Facebook ads reflect their branding and make them immediately noticeable


In a crowded industry like online retail, distinguishable branding is a major benefit, thus non-branded ads pose a big problem. In Happy Socks’ case, the lack of branding on their social and display ads threatened their brand consistency.


With a talented in-house agency that could revamp their ad creatives, Happy Socks’ problem wasn’t the lack of brand assets. Manually creating custom creatives for each product wasn’t a feasible business decision because of their high frequency of new releases and already rich product catalog.


The company was facing a dilemma. They wanted to safeguard their image and stop running unbranded ads; however, stopping their social and display campaigns altogether was out of the question since they didn’t want their branding efforts to affect performance negatively.


The team at Happy Socks had to find a middle ground. They needed a way to build social and display campaigns aligned with their brand without having to appoint a full-time designer to make the creatives, and a marketeer to manually scale and publish each ad.


"Our feed ads just look terrible. So we really wanted to find a solution that would allow us to customize them and bring some of that colorful originality and playfulness into dynamic remarketing because that's some of our most profitable ad revenue."


The solution


Happy Socks’ marketing team was familiar with the concept of a creative management platform as a solution to build branded social and display ads. In the past, they used a different platform for a few ads but didn’t adopt it as their main campaign building tool since they found it too expensive for what it offers.


Deciding they just needed to find the right one, they started to look for different creative management platforms and landed on Bannerwise. The platform offered exactly what they needed: designers could create templates that could be used for multiple products and marketeers could easily scale these creatives, build campaigns for all their products, and publish them in the same place.


With Bannerwise, they could maintain brand consistency across all channels, including social and display without paying exorbitant amounts or wasting precious company resources.


Designers and marketers from the Happy Socks team tested the platform and found it intuitive and easy to use. The commitment of Bannerwise’s support team to answering all their questions convinced them further. After a personalized onboarding process, they were ready to start creating ads that represent their unique brand for social and display campaigns.




The outcome


After switching to Bannerwise for ad production, the quality of Happy Socks’ social and display ads reached the same high level as the rest of the ads they produced. Their distinct branding is visible in the ads even from a brief glance.

By using Bannerwise to build custom ads for their display and social channels, Happy Socks was able to achieve the brand consistency they were aiming for.


“Comparing what our remarketing ads look like before versus what they look like now, is just night and day. It's not only going to help our ads be more effective through the whole customer decision journey but also have more fun with what a lot of people consider to be the boring ads.”



With Bannerwise, designers at Happy Socks are able to create campaign backdrops as templates. Marketers can use these templates to create as many ads as they want for any product in their catalog. They are able to automatically generate creatives for their campaigns with their unique branding and other persuasion elements like campaign announcements and discount prices.



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