8 ways agencies monetize our Creative Management Platform

Agencies are always on the lookout for tools that help them work more efficient or provide services they couldn’t before. Saving time is nice, cutting cost is great, and generating more revenue is even better. Especially when all three are achieved while enhancing customer satisfaction. Here are some use cases of agencies that achieve all this using Bannerwise.

  1. Saving time, cutting costs
    Less time spent is less cost made. Clear and simple. Of course, you can save a lot of time but… have you thought of other business can you generate in time saved? This may or may not be related to creating display ads. The bottomline is that the time you save can now be allocated to a higher yield activity.  
    You undoubtedly have some ideas or projects on the shelf that you could use a little extra time for. Nevertheless, we’ve listed a few suggestions that are related to generating more revenue with display advertising.

  2. Hours, hours, hours
    Agencies are all about servicing clients. In doing so, agencies sometimes lose sight of their core business: Consulting and optimising campaigns. You’re not a factory. You’re not just additional labour for your customers. Your expert advice is what sets you apart in a competitive market and it is sold by the hour. Using a tool that lowers threshold for creative cost helps you tap into the potential to charge hours for what you do best: giving advice.
  3. Consulting on the bigger picture
    Most advertisers have a hard time making display advertising work for them. Many just use display ads for incidental campaigns with short sales timelines. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t immediately yield the best results, causing advertisers to abandon display too soon. Although starting with one funnel stage is fine, agencies should help advertisers understand the bigger picture. The end goal should be to have several always-on campaigns that focus on awareness, consideration, and decision making.

    Moreover, these campaigns should all reinforce each other. 
    Each funnel stage requires an individual ad set, designed specifically for that stage. They should also serve to reinforce active search campaigns. In sum, offering display advertising to your clients opens up opportunities to consult on marketing funnel management, A/B and split-testing, content and design.

  4. Consulting on creative optimisation
    A recent study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, attributes 47% of sales to creative. A study by comScore points in the same direction, revealing that advertisers are four times as likely to cause a sales lift with quality creative than with a quality media plan. Not surprisingly, an increasing number of agencies are developing a focus on combining creative with data. Most advertisers are lagging behind in this area, making creative optimization an interesting opportunity to agencies.

    It only makes sense to re-think the role of creative and offer creative optimisation as a service. Instead of thinking of creative as a necessity for your campaign that is never looked at again after the campaign has ended, creatives should be continuously changed and tested for optimal results.


    Source: Nielsen Catalina Solution

  5. Offer big service for a small upsell
    Alls budgets are limited. Much rather than making choices, your clients would like to have it all. Why not offer it? The most successful agencies help clients think of a banner design that can be used as a template.

    A template that is set up in a smart way can be easily duplicated and transformed into sets for additional audiences, A/B tests or funnel stages. Bannerwise allows you to duplicate the custom bannerset you’ve created for your client and make changes to it on a set level.

    This way, a new version is created in a matter of minutes. Vary with background images, copy, product images, you name it.
    Additionally, an extra ad size is quickly added to your set. Advertising with ten sizes or more, instead of three or five, allows for a larger larger reach for your clients' campaign. Now all you need to do is charge your client a fee that makes both you and them happy.

    Artefact created 500 ads in just a few days. Learn how they did it.


  6. Create new opportunities
    Tools can help you develop business that you couldn't offer before. Bannerwise helps making dynamic ad campaigns, based on product feeds, much easier. Whereas agencies used to struggle with Google Webdesigner or development teams, Bannerwise lowers the threshold to offer ad production significantly. Combined with a feed management tool like Channable, dynamic display campaigns can be setup for most popular networks like Google and Facebook within an afternoon.

    Bannerwise also paves the way for smarter and more creative display campaign ideas that will appeal to your clients. For example, you could tap into the growing relevance of storytelling by setting up a sequential retargeting campaign with Adform or even Google Ads.

    Adroll, too, has some interesting features: Did you know you can target email lists with display ads or serve ads based on triggers in Hubspot? If your clients are targeting larger accounts, then Albacross is a tool you should combine with Bannerwise.  Albacross recognises who visits your website and enables you to target the company they work for with display ads. Leveraging these types of first party data allows you to create opportunities your clients may have never thought of.

  7. Co-creation: an answer to in-housing
    One of the challenges that agencies have to face these days is advertisers bringing more and more marketing services in-house. Creative and programmatic are no exception. Although this is a development that’s impossible to counter, it is one that agencies should respond to.

    One answer is to offer your clients flexibility when it comes to how your assist them with their display campaigns. Leverage Bannerwise to either charge hours for creative optimization or sell a template that your client can use for versioning or testing. There’s a lot of value here. It allows for a form of co-creation between you and your client that makes it attractive for them to still make use of your services and not try everything on their own.

  8. Increasing customer satisfaction
    All of the above increases customer satisfaction. At the start, your clients will love the fact that your turnover time is a lot faster than expected and that feedback is processed within minutes: definitely a wow. 
    Moreover, offering novel, creative services with a low threshold for a little extra will make them want to stick around. Especially because it enhances results. Leverage Bannerwise to intensify relations with satisfied customers. After all, success is the key to generating repeat business.

    Feel free to reach out to one of our account specialists if you would like to know more or spar about ways you can make the most of offering digital ad production as a service to your clients.

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