Get the most out of your dynamic product ads

You’ve got strong, well-thought out targeting. But...your creatives don't stand out enough. Wouldn’t you like to see how much better it could be with persuasive, on-brand creatives?

Here's how it works:
Send us a screenshot of your current DPA's
We'll review them and share actionable insights
You'll receive a document with our rating and tips on where to optimize

Frequently asked questions



How do I use the ad grader?
Simply submit a screenshot of your ads or even better share a direct link from the Facebook ad library. Within 24 hours we’ll grade your ads and share our insights with you
How are ads graded?
Our focus is on getting the most out of your dynamic product ads. So we evaluate the use of additional elements, consistency with the landing page, with brand identity and the inclusion of persuasion techniques like product offering, scarcity and more.
What makes a good Dynamic product ad?
A good dynamic ad combines several different elements. The main question always is, is it relevant to your audience? Assuming that is the case then there are several additional factors that can influence the performance. Does it stand out enough? Is it on brand? Do you include promotions, your USPs, user ratings and more

“Our customized ads performed surprisingly well. We didn’t expect that before we started our test, ads created with Bannerwise perform significantly better than ads built in the standard Facebook template.”

Daphne Sprenger
Daphne Sprenger Performance Marketer
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Increase ROAS
51% Increased ROAS
conversion rate
440% Increase in conversion rate