Lower CPA


More sales

How Brandfield increased sales and lowered CPA with custom dynamic ads

The Company

Brandfield is a fast-growing, digital native fashion retailer expanding its business to include brick-and-mortar locations. Their stores offer accessories including bags, watches, and jewelry for men and women from more than 170 brands. With more than 200,000 orders annually, the company sets itself apart by tailoring the brand to inspire its customers throughout their shopping experience.

The Campaign

Brandfield makes use of dynamic retargeting campaigns to convert lost visitors through Google AdWords. The goal of this campaign is to maximize conversions with the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CPA). Brandfield A / B tested three different banner sets: 1) Google's standard, non-branded template, 2) a custom branded template with a single product, and 3) a custom branded template with 3 products (carousel rotation).

Results and Takeaway

It's our assumption that the winning banner design features fewer products and are thus more relevant to their audience. Let's say your visitor has just looked at one item on your website, but you are displaying three products in your banner. The logic of your network will determine what other two products will be displayed, based on the rules you have determined. If you display just one item, however, your offer will be more relevant to the viewer. As a result, the likeliness of a click and conversion is higher. Test for yourself how the number of products you feature influences the relevance and CPA or your retargeting campaigns.

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