YourFellow expands services with customized dynamic ads

increase to return visits
More returning visitors
increase to conversions
Increase in conversion rate

YourFellow focuses on performance marketing for SMEs and continuously aims to increase their client's online potential through better advertising experiences.


The team doesn’t work with in-house designers or developers. Even though, YourFellow is always looking for ways to work smarter and more efficiently.

10+ employees



As a digital marketing agency, YourFellow’s goal is to serve its clients to their maximum capacity. They frequently run all kinds of campaigns on both display networks and social media. One of YourFellow’s clients is BBQ Experience Center, a fast-growing Dutch experience center for everything related to barbecuing. When BBQ Experience Center gave YourFellow carte blanche to expand the brand’s online presence, the team immediately thought of dynamic remarketing.

At the time, YourFellow was already running display campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. While the agency was able to create on-brand “static” ad sets manually, it didn’t have the resources to create on-brand dynamic content in-house. Free, adjustable templates offered by Google and Facebook didn’t cut it due to limited creative freedom and mandatory overlays. And for BBQ Experience Center, branding is a vital component of their marketing strategy.




YourFellow needed to find a solution that would allow them to create on-brand dynamic ads for their clients. Paul Rombouts, YourFellow’s co-founder and partner, previously worked for agencies such as Fingerspitz and DEPT. Here, he got familiar with Bannerwise and the benefits of creating ads with a Creative Management Platform. Rombouts decided to implement Bannerwise into the workflow, allowing the team to create customized dynamic ads in no-time. Even without an in-house developer or designer.

“If you ask me, Bannerwise is the front-runner when it comes to creating dynamic ads. The ability to directly build and publish ads within Bannerwise helps us to work faster and smarter. The turnover time for production reduced, and the fact that even our marketers can design ads themselves is extremely efficient.”






For YourFellow, the initial goal of starting with Bannerwise was to create an on-brand remarketing campaign with customized dynamic ads for one of its clients. By incorporating Bannerwise into their workflow, YourFellow’s team is now able to quickly and easily create dynamic ads, while providing more time to maximize the performance of their campaigns.

When it comes to their client BBQ Experience Center, the use of these (customized) dynamic ads turned out very beneficial. The first campaign created with Bannerwise resulted in a 5% increase in returning website visitors: from 37% to 42%. The number of returning website visitors that completed a transaction increased from 56% to 64% - an 8% growth. The overall conversion rate doubled during the campaign.

For BBQ Experience Center, a brand that largely depends on good sales during high-season, a seasonable dynamic display campaign is extremely valuable. By using Bannerwise, YourFellow provided this extra value.


“Other solutions didn’t allow us to create dynamic content whatsoever. But we want to stand out, and Bannerwise helps us do exactly that.”




What's next?


It’s YourFellow’s ambition to significantly grow its business by expanding services. Clients are mostly SMEs, so enabling them with a better online presence is a must. Bannerwise enables YourFellow to create a wide variety of digital ads, such as dynamic ads, HTLM5 ads, and in-banner video ads, allowing them to improve their workflow even further.